ZELD0947 - American Democracy in Peril with Patrick H. O'Leary (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD0971 - Brains, Balance and Never-Grow-Old Fitness with Paul O'Donoghue (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD0979 - Dream Interpretation Basics with Sarah Staneff (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1112 - History and Pop Music of the 1920s – 1970s with Joel Keller (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1221 - It’s Not What You Think: American Law Enforcement with Walter S. Topp (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1268 - Learning History Through Our Ancestors' Experience with Robin Richmond (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1279 - Make Your Own Website or Blog with Sarah Kepple (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1317 - The Nature of Fear with Theodore Smith (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1327 - TV Game Show Fun with Gerry Nemeth (Spring - Westshore Campus)
ZELD1340 - American Democracy in Peril with Patrick H. O'Leary (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1347 - Analyzing Major League Baseball with Michael Walczak (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1349 - Art Fitness with Nicole Ledinek (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1363 - Brains, Balance and Never-Grow-Old Fitness with Paul O'Donoghue (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1374 - Creative Writing: The Novel with LeAnne Miller (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1382 - Enneagram: Understanding Yourself and Others with Patrick H. O'Leary (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1384 - The Exciting Experience of Virtual and Augmented Reality with Gary Arnosk (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1389 - Backyard Nature Journaling and Writing with Carol Agnew (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1396 - Gardener's Gazette with Mary Jo Rawlins (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1403 - History of Cleveland Sports: Browns, Guardians and Cavaliers with Douglas (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1408 - If the Shoe Fits, Wear It! with Judi Slack (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1409 - It's Not What You Think: A Citizen's Guide to Policing in America (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1410 - Laugh, Cry and Pray with Elizabeth Bird (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1411 - Let’s Talk Food with Elizabeth Bird (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1415 - Music Appreciation with Elizabeth Bird (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1420 - One-Hit Wonders of the 50s, 60s and 70s with Joel Keller (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1421 - Personalized Healthy Eating Strategies with Paul O'Donoghue (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1422 - Qi Gong with Ted Smith (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1430 - The Roadmap to Your Future with Heather Lopez (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1439 - Stress: Your Secret Weapon with Pat Stropko-O'Leary (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1445 - Tea 101: The Many Colors of Tea with Judi Slack (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1447 - Traditional Chinese Medicine with Ted Smith (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1457 - A Woman’s Place: The Trailblazing Women with Judi Slack (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1481 - Personalized Healthy Eating Strategies (Westshore Campus)
ZELD1483 - Gardener's Gazette (Westshore Campus)
ZELD1486 - Jazz Goes to the Movies (Westshore Campus)
ZELD1487 - Beatles Redux (Westshore Campus)
ZELD1491 - Animal Potpourri (Westshore Campus)
ZELD1658 - Let’s Go Into the Wayback Machine with Gerry Nemeth (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1660 - Make Your Own Animations and Video Games with Sarah Kepple (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1662 - Make Your Own Website or Blog with Sarah Kepple (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1666 - The Nature of Fear II with Theodore Smith (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1668 - Science Fiction: The Major Figures with Michael Bohnert (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1670 - Social Media 101 with Sarah Kepple (Westshore Campus-Bundle)
ZELD1672 - We Built This City: (1796-1929) with Walter S. Topp (Westshore Campus-Bundle)