ZELD1341 - Analyzing Major League Baseball: Eastern - Michael Walczak (Bundle)
ZELD1344 - History of Swing Music: Eastern - Jerry Jelinek (Bundle)
ZELD1353 - Monuments and Great Structures of the World: Eastern - Avery Fromet (Bundle)
ZELD1364 - Rock Music of the '70s: Eastern - Frank Thomas (Bundle)
ZELD1365 - What Is Art?: Eastern - Charlene R. Mileti (Bundle)
ZELD1444 - Caravaggio: The Beginning of Modern Art: Eastern - Charlene R. Mileti (Bundle)
ZELD1448 - Fun With Italian: Eastern - Maureen Huefner (Bundle)
ZELD1449 - Gray Matter Matters: Eastern - Mary Lou Fasko (Bundle)
ZELD1452 - Meteorology: Backyard Science: Eastern - Joseph Kolecki (Bundle)
ZELD1529 - Musical Revolution of the ‘60s: Eastern - Frank Thomas (Bundle)
ZELD1683 - Speaker Series: Explore, Enrich, Engage: Eastern - Betty Zak (Bundle)
ZELD1695 - A Dip Into Yoga Philosophy: Eastern - Jody Schrock (Bundle)
ZELD1696 - American Environmental Thought: Eastern - Thomas Hartshorne (Bundle)
ZELD1697 - Beginner's ASL I: Eastern - Deborah Stylinski (Bundle)
ZELD1699 - The Golden Days of Vaudeville: Eastern - Sol Factor (Bundle)
ZELD1703 - iPhone Part II: Eastern - Debi Piccus (Bundle)
ZELD1705 - Sometimes I Worry : Eastern - Mary Lou Fasko (Bundle)
ZELD1706 - Tai Chi For Balance: Eastern - Martha Lois (Bundle)
ZELD1719 - Anahat Ageless Chair Yoga: Eastern - Jody Schrock (Bundle)
ZELD1721 - Art History: Egyptian to Gothic: Eastern - Martha Lois (Bundle)
ZELD1723 - The Higher Law: Eastern - Herbert Addison Burns (Bundle)
ZELD1724 - Beginning Piano Theory: Eastern - Patricia Miles Ashford (Bundle)
ZELD1725 - Song Lyrics and Their Impact : Eastern - Barbara Perkins (Bundle)
ZELD1732 - Health Care Options for Seniors: Eastern - Gary Klein (Bundle)
ZELD1738 - Exercise in a Chair: Eastern - Katie M. Evans (Bundle)
ZELD1739 - Beginner's ASL II: Eastern - Deborah Stylinski (Bundle)
ZELD1740 - Beginning Line Dance: Eastern - Beth Parnin (Bundle)
ZELD1741 - How America Has Changed: Eastern - Steven Schecter (Bundle)
ZELD1742 - The Underground Railroad Course of Northern Ohio: Eastern - Herbert Addison Burns (Bundle)
ZELD1744 - TV Game Show Fun: Eastern - Gerry Nemeth (Bundle)
ZELD1745 - Free Will and Moral Responsibility: Eastern - Ted Smith (Bundle)
ZELD1746 - Weight Training Using Machines: Eastern - Shad Nye (Bundle)
ZELD1757 - A Gift of Time: Eastern - Ted Smith (Bundle)
ZELD1758 - Basic Hatha Yoga: Eastern - Jody Schrock (Bundle)
ZELD1759 - Central Ohio Wines and Wineries Part II : Eastern - Carol Anne Agnew (Bundle)
ZELD1761 - Social Media 101: Eastern - Pamela Smith (Bundle)
ZELD1762 - Taking Control of Your High Blood Glucose: Eastern - Vera Bartasavich (Bundle)
ZELD1763 - Weight Training Using Hand Weights: Eastern - Shad Nye (Bundle)
ZELD1764 - BalloFlex: Eastern - Mary Kopczynski (Bundle)
ZELD3000 - Central Ohio Wines and Wineries Part I : Eastern - Carol Anne Agnew (Bundle)
ZELD3001 - Qi Gong: Move Your Way To Better Health: Eastern - Martha Lois (Bundle)
ZELD3002 - People You Haven’t Heard of or Know Little About: Eastern - Avery Fromet (Bundle)
ZELD3003 - Gardener's Gazette: Eastern - Rita Politzer (Bundle)
ZELD3004 - Art Potpourri: Eastern - Anne Marsh Stottler (Bundle)
ZELD3005 - Fun With Fitness: Eastern - Beth Parnin (Bundle)
ZELD3014 - Central Ohio Wines and Wineries Part I: Eastern - Carol Anne Agnew (A La Carte)