ZELD1933 - Cleveland’s Industrial Heritage: 1828 – 2023 w/ Walter S. Topp (Winter - West)
ZELD1934 - Introduction to Estate Planning w/ Dan Baron (Winter - West)
ZELD1935 - Songs of Love and Romance w/ Barbara Perkins (Winter - West)
ZELD1936 - TV Game Show Fun w/ Gerry Nemeth (Winter - West)
ZELD1937 - Watercolor Journaling part 2 w/ Bonny Carroll (Winter - West)
ZELD1940 - Beginner Line Dance w/ Martha Hall (Winter - West)
ZELD1941 - Children's Literature: The Issue of Censorship w/ Wendell Brooker (Winter - West)
ZELD1942 - Civil War: Before, During and After w/ Jeffrey Burger (Winter - West)
ZELD1943 - Cruising the Antarctic Peninsula w/ Diane Wido (Winter - West)
ZELD1944 - Live Long Live Well w/ Karen Brucken (Winter - West)
ZELD1946 - Speaker Series: Explore, Enrich, Engage w/ Betty J. Zak (Winter - West)
ZELD1947 - Speaking Truth to Power: Significant Women of Christianity w/ Pat Stropko-O'Leary (Winter - West)
ZELD1949 - American Transcendentalism: Hope for a Troubled Time w/ Wendell Brooker (Winter - West)
ZELD2656 - It’s Not What You Think: A Citizen’s Guide to American Law Enforcement (Winter - West)
ZELD2657 - Monks, Nuns and Jesuits: A Habit Hard to Break w/ Patrick H. O'Leary (Winter - West)
ZELD2658 - Smart Shopping for Health w/ Karen Brucken (Winter - West)
ZELD2659 - The State and Federal Bureaucracy w/ Jeff Black (Winter - West)
ZELD2660 - WWI: Before, During and After w/ Jeffrey Burger (Winter - West)
ZELD2662 - Badges of Honor - Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients w/ Judi Slack (Winter - West)
ZELD2663 - 1950s- America's Decade w/ Robert Wido (Winter - West)
ZELD2664 - Body Weight, Bands and Cardio w/ Karin Cottman (Winter - West)
ZELD2665 - Let's Go into the Wayback Machine w/ Gerry Nemeth (Winter - West)
ZELD2667 - Special Topics in Geography Part III w/ Dennis Geffert (Winter - West)
ZELD2668 - WWII: Before, During and After w/ Jeffrey Burger (Winter - West)
ZELD2670 - Synoptic Gospels Part 2 w/ Ted Smith (Winter - West)
ZELD2671 - 1960s: A Musical Revolution w/ Frank Thomas (Winter - West)
ZELD2672 - Brazil's New Thing- Bossa Nova w/ Gary Anderson (Winter - West)
ZELD2673 - Dining at the White House – Breaking Bread with the Presidents! w/ Judi Slack (Winter - West)
ZELD2674 - Historical Geography of the United States Part III w/ Dennis Geffert (Winter - West)
ZELD2676 - Muscle Conditioning w/ Karin Cottman (Winter - West)
ZELD2678 - Beginning Piano II w/ Rebecca Unkefer (Winter - West)
ZELD2679 - Cardio-Based Workout w/ Karin Cottman (Winter - West)
ZELD2680 - Exploring Mars w/ Joseph C. Kolecki (Winter - West)
ZELD2681 - Jefferson's Bible w/ Ted Smith (Winter - West)
ZELD2682 - Social History of the Tearoom Craze in America w/ Judi Slack (Winter - West)
ZELD2741 - High Beginner/Improver Line Dance w/ Martha Hall (Winter - West)
ZELD5178 - Cleveland Sports History w/ Gerry Nemeth (Winter - West)