2723 - Machine Weights with Shad w/ Shad Nye (Spring - East)
ZELD2683 - Analyzing Major League Baseball w/ Michael Walczak (Spring - East)
ZELD2684 - BalloFlex w/ Mary Kopczynski (Spring - East)
ZELD2685 - Great American Songbook Singers - I w/ Jerry Jelinek (Spring - East)
ZELD2686 - Synoptic Gospels Part 2 w/ Ted Smith (Spring - East)
ZELD2687 - U.S. Supreme Court Cases That Changed America w/ Avery H. Fromet (Spring - East)
ZELD2688 - What Is Art? w/ Charlene Mileti (Spring - East)
ZELD2690 - Beginner's American Sign Language (ASL) I w/ Deborah Stylinski (Spring - East)
ZELD2691 - Caravaggio: The Father of Modern Art w/ Charlene Mileti (Spring - East)
ZELD2692 - History of the United States Constitution w/ Avery H. Fromet (Spring - East)
ZELD2693 - Jefferson's Bible w/ Ted Smith (Spring - East)
ZELD2694 - Qigong For Wellness w/ Martha Lois (Spring - East)
ZELD2695 - Speaker Series: Explore, Enrich, Engage w/ Betty J. Zak (Spring - East)
ZELD2697 - 17th and 18th c. ENLIGHTENMENT, II w/ Charlene Mileti (Spring - East)
ZELD2698 - America in the Twenties w/ Thomas Hartshorne (Spring - East)
ZELD2699 - American Sign Language (ASL) II w/ Deborah Stylinski (Spring - East)
ZELD2700 - Gardener's Gazette w/ Rita Politzer (Spring - East)
ZELD2701 - Gray Matter Matters w/ Mary Lou Fasko (Spring - East)
ZELD2702 - Great Mysteries of the World w/ Avery H. Fromet (Spring - East)
ZELD2703 - Meteorology w/ Joseph C. Kolecki (Spring - East)
ZELD2704 - Ohio Archaeology w/ Eric Olson (Spring - East)
ZELD2705 - Tai Chi w/ Martha Lois (Spring - East)
ZELD2706 - Tudor Scandals: Dirty Details Lives of Elizabeth and Shakespeare w/ R Burgess (Spring - East)
ZELD2707 - Underground Railroad in Stark, Summit County w/ Herb Addison Burns (Spring - East)
ZELD2709 - Ancient Yoga Breath w/ Jody Schrock (Spring - East)
ZELD2710 - Art History –Realism 1800 to 2010 New Media w/ Martha Lois (Spring - East)
ZELD2711 - Maya Archaeology w/ Eric Olson (Spring - East)
ZELD2712 - Musical Instruments and Their Families w/ Barbara Perkins (Spring - East)
ZELD2713 - Rock Music of the 70s w/ Frank Thomas (Spring - East)
ZELD2714 - Sometimes I Worry w/ Mary Lou Fasko (Spring - East)
ZELD2715 - Stretching with Shad w/ Shad Nye (Spring - East)
ZELD2716 - Art Potpourri 3 w/ Anne Marsh Stottler (Spring - East)
ZELD2718 - The 1960s: A Musical Revolution w/ Frank Thomas (Spring - East)
ZELD2719 - Beginning Line Dancing w/ Beth Parnin (Spring - East)
ZELD2720 - Exercise in the Chair w/ Josephine Katie M. Evans (Spring - East)
ZELD2732 - Health Smartz w/ Vera Bartasavich (Spring - East)
ZELD2733 - Taking Better Photos w/ Judith Khaner (Spring - East)
ZELD2900 - Machine Weights with Shad w/ Shad Nye (Spring - East)
ZELD2901 - Awash of Color Multi-medium Art Class - Your choice! w/ Carol Anne Agnew (Spring - East)
ZELD5179 - Italian Fun Continues, Level 3 w/ Maureen Huefner (Spring - East)
ZELD5180 - Let's Go into the Wayback Machine! w/ Gerry Nemeth (Spring - East)
ZELD5181 - Spring Forward with These Local Wines w/ Carol Anne Agnew (Spring - East)
ZELD5182 - Basic Hatha Yoga w/ Jody Schrock (Spring - East)
ZELD5183 - Fun WIth Fitness w/ Beth Parnin (Spring - East)
ZELD5184 - Hand Weights with Shad w/ Shad Nye (Spring - East)