ZELD2734 - The Beatles w/ Frank Thomas (Spring - West)
ZELD2735 - Christianity's Family Tree w/ Robert Wido (Spring - West)
ZELD2736 - It Was a Very Good Year: Cleveland in 1928 w/ Walter S. Topp (Spring - West)
ZELD2737 - Musical Instruments and Their Families w/ Barbara Perkins (Spring - West)
ZELD2738 - Stress: Your Secret Weapon! w/ Pat Stropko-O'Leary (Spring - West)
ZELD2739 - TV Game Show Fun! w/ Gerry Nemeth (Spring - West)
ZELD2740 - Virgin Queen, Pirate Queen, Master of Spies: Elizabeth I w/ Betty J. Zak (Spring - West)
ZELD2742 - The 1960s- The Decade That Changed Everything w/ Robert Wido (Spring - West)
ZELD2743 - The 1960s: A Musical Revolution w/ Frank Thomas (Spring - West)
ZELD2744 - Beginner Line Dance w/ Martha Hall (Spring - West)
ZELD2745 - Enneagram: Understanding Yourself & Others w/ Patrick H. O'Leary (Spring - West)
ZELD2746 - Ethical Landscape of A. I. w/ Wendell Brooker (Spring - West)
ZELD2747 - The Exciting World of Virtual Reality and Augmented Tech w/ Gary Arnosk (Spring - West)
ZELD2748 - Political Polarization – History, Sources, Impact, Tools w/ Nancy Miranda (Spring - West)
ZELD2749 - Smart Shopping For Health w/ Karen Brucken (Spring - West)
ZELD2750 - Speaker Series: Explore, Enrich, Engage w/ Betty J. Zak (Spring - West)
ZELD2752 - Aging Thoughtfully, With Purpose w/ Wendell Brooker (Spring - West)
ZELD2753 - Bible Overview w/ Diane Wido (Spring - West)
ZELD2754 - British Royal Scandals: The Mistress Who Became Queen and the Rogue Butler (Spring - West)
ZELD2755 - Cleveland Sports History w/ Gerry Nemeth (Spring - West)
ZELD2756 - Food Over Medicine w/ Karen Brucken (Spring - West)
ZELD2757 - Gardener's Gazette w/ Marilyn Hallenburg (Spring - West)
ZELD2758 - High Beginner/Improver Line Dance w/ Martha Hall (Spring - West)
ZELD2759 - Interesting topics in Psychology w/ Charles Banevich (Spring - West)
ZELD2760 - Naval War in the Atlantic: 1939-1945 w/ Walter S. Topp (Spring - West)
ZELD2767 - Political Parties and What They Do at the Different Levels w/ Jeff Black (Spring - West)
ZELD2768 - Raising Grandchildren Who Love to Read w/ Susan Ungham (Spring - West)
ZELD2770 - Antisemitism in History w/ Ted Smith (Spring - West)
ZELD2771 - BalloFlex w/ Mary Kopczynski (Spring - West)
ZELD2772 - British Royal Scandals: Country in Constitutional Crisis w/ Julie E Koenig (Spring - West)
ZELD2773 - Dance History w/ Alyssa Wilmot (Spring - West)
ZELD2774 - Demystifying the Technology in Your Life w/ Linda Witkowski (Spring - West)
ZELD2775 - Geopolitics in 20th Century Europe w/ Dennis Geffert (Spring - West)
ZELD2776 - Muscle Conditioning w/ Karin Cottman (Spring - West)
ZELD2777 - Sign Language for Beginners w/ Valerie B Williams (Spring - West)
ZELD2778 - TED Talks w/ Susan Ungham (Spring - West)
ZELD2779 - Women for the Win! Fearless Athletes Who Triumphed w/ Judi Slack (Spring - West)
ZELD2781 - America Between the Wars, 1918 - 1941 w/ Dennis Geffert (Spring - West)
ZELD2782 - Books of Enoch w/ Ted Smith (Spring - West)
ZELD2783 - British Royal Scandals: Scandals That Rocked the Monarchy w/ Julie E Koenig (Spring - West)
ZELD2784 - Cardio-Based Workout w/ Karin Cottman (Spring - West)
ZELD2785 - Cleveland’s Maritime Heritage: 1796 – 2023 w/ Walter S. Topp (Spring - West)
ZELD2786 - Dance Basics w/ Alyssa Wilmot (Spring - West)
ZELD2787 - Entrepreneurship For Seniors w/ Mathew Peters (Spring - West)
ZELD2788 - Road Tripping through Ohio w/ Milenko Budimir (Spring - West)
ZELD2789 - Sign Language for Beginners w/ Valerie B Williams (Spring - West)
ZELD2790 - Women of Action-Courageous Women of the Civil War: Soldiers, Spies, Mothers & Medics (Spring - West)
ZELD2792 - Academy Award Musicals of the 1960's - Part I w/ Gary Anderson (Spring - West)
ZELD2793 - America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine w/ Judi Slack (Spring - West)
ZELD2794 - Beginning Piano II w/ Rebecca Unkefer (Spring - West)
ZELD2795 - Body Weight, Bands and Cardio w/ Karin Cottman (Spring - West)
ZELD2796 - Journey of the Soul w/ Ted Smith (Spring - West)
ZELD2797 - Mat Pilates w/ Alyssa Wilmot (Spring - West)
ZELD2798 - Meteorology w/ Joseph C. Kolecki (Spring - West)
ZELD2799 - Philosophy: Thinking about World Problems w/ Milenko Budimir (Spring - West)
ZELD2800 - Senior Side Hustles w/ Mathew Peters (Spring - West)