Course Description

This course is for creative individuals interested in gaining a working knowledge of techniques and methods used in the writing of feature-length film screenplays. Students will learn various aspects of screenplay development, including idea inception, story formulation, structure and formatting, character development, action and description writing, compelling dialogue strategies, scene pacing, plot advancement, conflict and resolution, and script revisions and final drafts.

Practical exercises will include various in-class and offline assignments covering scene studies, oral critiques, team writing, loglines, character descriptions, outlining, treatments and scene building. Ongoing feedback will be provided to help facilitate good writing habits for creative storytelling.

Learner Outcomes

The objective of this course is to gain effective knowledge and good habits to apply to the writing of feature-length film screenplays, from conception of an idea through the execution of a finished script.

Participants will be given the option to write a short (5-10 page) screenplay, which could be considered for production by the Tri-C Film Academy.

Upon completion, participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Screenplay formatting and techniques
  • Concept ceneration
  • Story structure and advancement
  • Beat sheets
  • Themes and through-lines
  • Character development and arcs
  • Dialogue application
  • Writing from a visual and aural perspective
  • Situational conflict and resolution
  • Discussion of your work in an encouraging and supportive environment


Screenwriting Software Requirement:

  • Final Draft 11 - 30 day free trial (start after second week)
    • 20% educational discount $99.99 (Full Price $129.99)
    • Academic status verification - college students need to be currently enrolled or upload a valid student ID card scan, registration receipt, class schedule or a letter of enrollment on school letterhead.
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Screenwriting Fundamentals
7:00PM to 10:00PM
Feb 23, 2022 to Mar 30, 2022
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  • Online
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Virtual Instruction  
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Course Fee non-credit $349.00