Course Description

This course is designed to advance one’s knowledge about the entertainment industry camera department, including crew positions, responsibilities and procedures. Trainees will learn about on-set etiquette and equipment terminology, as well as how to build a complete digital cinema camera system and interchange components quickly and precisely. Practical exercises include lens handling, data wrangling, slating and troubleshooting common issues. Trainees will leave this course with the skills needed to perform the role of Camera PA or 2nd AC on a professional set.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively perform production assistant or 2nd AC duties in the camera department on a multimedia or movie set with a creative, methodical approach.
  • Interpret and break down a script as it relates to the camera department.
  • Analyze problem situations and adapt with a positive attitude.
  • Evaluate all situations for safety concerns and report them through the proper chain of command.
  • Identify the responsibilities and hierarchy of each position within the camera department.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the camera terminology, equipment and etiquette.
  • Demonstrate the proper handling and setup of camera equipment.
  • Understand the technical aspects of a digital cinema camera and media.
  • Demonstrate organizational skills with staging and equipment inventory.
  • Demonstrate efficient slate operation.
  • Effectively perform the crew position of 2nd AC and Camera PA.
  • Demonstrate relevant safety procedures.
  • Apply for a position on Tri-C Short Film Intensive.


Production Assistant Basics is a prerequisite for this course. Please visit the course profile online (here) to register.

Assessment Tasks:

  • Quiz to assess knowledge of positions, terminology, etiquette, procedures and safety.
  • Task Performance Review (Rubric)

Special Equipment:

  • Digital cinema camera, support system, lenses, slate and accessories
  • Steadicam and/or Gimbal
  • Basic lighting
  • Studio set

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Camera Department
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