Course Description

Each day brings with it a new wave of urgencies that compete for our attention. Texts, emails, calls, meetings and more all converge on our already full schedules. The result is a sense of being busy without actually being productive, which leaves people feeling burned out and unfulfilled. The sheer volume of daily distractions threatens our ability to think clearly and make wise decisions about what is important.

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity empowers people to avoid distractions and accomplish the goals that matter most in their professional and personal lives. Supported by science and years of experience, The 5 Choices not only produce a measurable increase in productivity, but provide a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment as well.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the latest science on brain health to maximize your productivity in the workplace.
  • Utilize a language with others to ensure you’re aligned around “important and urgent.”
  • Recognize how to achieve true and consistent work-life balance.
  • Create a personalized, practical system for managing your high-impact goals.
  • Manage technology so it doesn’t manage you.
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