Course Description

The 2020 VIRTUAL Orchestra Program (TOP) & Honors Wind Ensemble Program

Dianna Richardson & Laura Joss, Music Directors

The Creative Arts Academy Department is excited to be offering FREE virtual online instrumental music instruction for band and string instruments presented and taught by highly experienced, certified music educators who firmly believe that ALL students should have access to quality Instrumental music instruction. This program is unique because we offer instruction for students with or without instruments or experience! 

Beginning Instrument Instruction 
Beginning Level 1 – Students who have never played an instrument before but have the desire to learn. At this level, students will learn the essentials of rhythmic and music literacy, and instrument basics for their chosen instrument using basic household items to supplement their instruction. 

·      These classes are for students without a string or band instrument

·      Please specify the instrument that you desire to play. You may only choose one instrument.

·      Available instruments choices - string instruments (violin or viola) or band instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone) 

Beginning Level 2 – Students who have a basic foundation in playing an instrument. At this level, students will continue their progress in becoming proficient in rhythmic and music reading while developing the rhythmic and music literacy while continuing to demonstrate growth on the fundamentals of their respective instrument. 

·      These classes are for students that currently have one of the following instruments. 

·      Available instruments choices - string instruments (violin or viola) or band instruments (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone) 


Intermediate & Advanced String & Band Instruction 
Intermediate and advanced string and band instrument instruction will repertoire based. We have selected top quality string and band music for each student to study that serve to advance their musicianship and ensemble skills. Instruction will include individual performance videos, small group sectionals, and music theory instruction that connects to the repertoire. Our goal for this program is to end the term with a final performance, either virtual or in person!!

Students who desire to participate in these programs will need to submit a basic video of themselves playing a scale and a piece of music that best represents their ability at this time. Students that want to be considered for the advanced ensembles should prepare to play a two- octave scale. (String players should show their ability to shift to be considered for the advanced ensemble).


Thank you for your interest in this course. Unfortunately, the course you have selected is currently not open for enrollment. Please complete a Course Inquiry so that we may promptly notify you when enrollment opens.