Course Description

This camp is designed by you — the Inventor! Each day, you’ll face a series of challenges that must be overcome using basic materials, simple machines, tips from world famous inventors, and the most important tool of all: your mind. Construct catapults and forts, fabricate a winning egg drop design and assemble a working lightsaber to take home. Thomas Edison said that invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration … but this camp is 100% fun! 

Course Outline

Rock, Paper, Scissors
Learn about Leonardo da Vinci and his amazing inventions, including catapults, trebuchets and more.

Imagine finding yourself on a deserted island with only a few supplies. What better way to stimulate your creativity? See how resourceful you can be, using Ben Franklin’s inventions as inspiration.

Think Fast
Use the ideas of early inventors like the Wright brothers to launch into the wild blue yonder. Take flight!

Whiz Kidz
Team up to explore the inventions of others — including kids, women, Rube Goldberg and Thomas Edison. Draw inspiration from the wacky as well as the practical!

Star Adventures
As far back as Jules Verne and as recently as George Lucas, dreamers have explored what the future can hold. Many of those dreams are now reality. Explore how fiction can influence reality!
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