Course Description

In this course, students will gain a greater appreciation of the art of cinematography in movies and television. There will be an examination of the tools and techniques used for film lighting, format choices and lens selection. From basic techniques to the most lavish cinematic setups, the class will break down shots for a better understanding of lighting theory and camera technique.

Learner Outcomes

The objective of this course is to teach effective knowledge and convey a critical appreciation of what is required to create cinematic imagery. Supporting materials such as clips from films and television programs will be utilized to develop a high level of film appreciation. Students should finish this class with a new understanding of cinematography techniques, and how to use them to help convey a story. In addition, students will learn about the job of cinematographer (director of photography) and gain an understanding of the position as a vocation, and how to work with a full production crew.

The participating students will be instructed in the following subjects:

  • Basic lighting theory – knowing the rules to break the rules
  • Basic lighting demonstration – it’s not all about the gear
  • Film crew – camera department positions and working with a director
  • Entry into camera departments
  • Tools of the trade – now it’s about the gear
  • Cinematography film appreciation
  • Film genres
  • Types of cinematography “looks”
  • Post-production techniques

The class will be taught by a professional cinematographer with decades of experience, in an environment allowing for open discussion. It will list support materials for any student to explore on their own, such as industry publications and books, helpful websites and movies that need to be seen.


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Section Title
Cinematography 101 and Beyond
Virtual (Online/Discussion)
12:00PM to 4:00PM
Feb 02, 2021 to Feb 23, 2021
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  • Online
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Virtual Instruction  
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Course Fee non-credit $349.00