Course Description

This course provides techniques, strategies and ideas for working with students at the high school level. You will review the challenges of teaching high school students today and how you can overcome them. You will also examine what rigor looks like and innovative programs that work. Lastly, you will see how you can develop a framework for success with an evidence-based and transparent process.   

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Challenges of Best Practices at the High School Level

Take a look at the obstacles faced when implementing best practices at the high school level. Many know what works, but putting that into practice is not always as easy as it seems.

Lesson 2: Rigorous Curriculum and Expectations

Learn how to ensure rigor and high expectations for students. You will also look at how responsibility can be shared between students and teachers.

Lesson 3: Innovative Programs and Practices

Delve into innovative programs and practices that work. You will look at how you can take creative ideas and test them in your own school.

Lesson 4: Transparent and Evidence-Based Decision Making

Examine the importance of trust and transparency between all stakeholders. You will also focus on the evidence that you should use when making important decisions.

Lesson 5: Strategic Targeting of Resources

Learn about resources you may need and how to ensure synergy and coherence.

Lesson 6: Working the Framework

Examine how to work with your framework. You will examine best practice elements and goal setting.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Review the challenges of best practice at the high school level.
  • Examine a variety of practices and techniques that work.
  • Develop a framework for success.


Participants will have 180 days to complete this online, self-paced course.


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Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 (Home, Pro)

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Teaching Students in High School (Online)
Jul 01, 2021 to Jun 30, 2022
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