Course Description

This series of interactive online courses provides allergen awareness for your entire operation and staff. In this course, you will learn current information on what causes an allergic reaction, the main food allergens, how to communicate with customers who have food allergies, and how to assure customers’ allergen needs are communicated within the operation, from the initial order to the serving process. Upon successful completion of the series, students will earn a certificate that is valid for three years. Three courses are included in the series:
  • Allergen Awareness
  • Allergen Plan Development
  • Allergen Plan Specialist

Course Outline

Three courses are included in this series:

  • Allergen Awareness will help you understand what food allergens are and identifies the 8 major allergens: eggs, wheat, peanut, milk, nut, fish, soybean, shellfish. It will also have information about working with general dietary restrictions such as vegan and plant-based diets, along with information on cross-contamination and prevention.
  • Allergen Plan Development will help you design and implement high-level allergen accommodations and food safety.
  • Allergen Plan Specialist will equip you to not only understand allergens, but also guide you through reading labels, looking for product changes and working with vendors to ensure that you can track each allergen.


Participants will have 60 days to complete all course requirements.

Three courses are included in this series, however you can take each course individual if you choose. Click on the course below to be directed to the registration page.

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