Course Description

This 28-hour course prepares nurses to coordinate and/or teach the ODH state-approved Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP).

Benefits of TTT program

Identify qualifications of the PC, PI and guest lecturers.

Demonstrate understanding of the typical nursing assistant's level of training ability and major job duties.

Identify effects of stress on learning, testing and techniques that can be used to manage stress.

Apply training strategies and techniques to work with diverse students.

Describe the differences between non-facility and facility based TCEP.

Identify ways to prepare trainees for the competency evaluation through objective and skills tests.

Describe how to assess the training environment and utilize techniques to enhance the training experience.

Organize, develop and individualize a TCEP topic area.

Describe TCEP standards.

Instruct how to design a TCE Program.

Define the components of clinical teaching.

Describe ways to maintain and organize TCEP, content and resources.

Describe the use, considerations, advantages and limitations of various teaching styles.

Define and describe the function of skills testing.

Identify who may administer a skills test.

Describe the steps used to decide which skills to test.

Describe general principles of the program evaluation.

Provide examples of formative and summative evaluation.

Identify types of evaluation instruments.

Describe basic structure and basic training approach in presenting classroom subject matter.

Analyze and recount state law and federal regulations.

Course Outline

Apply Basic TCEP requirements

Program development

Course material design

Organizing and individualizing a TCEP

Instructional techniques

Ohio Administrative Code Rules


Program cost is $750.00 (text materials included).

All class sessions are Mandatory.

Program Registration Requirements:

1.) Proof of active licensure

2.) An updated resume:

     RN's showing you have 2 years chronic care experience as an RN

     LPN's can no longer teach as Primary Instructor's and are no longer required to

     take the TTT course. 

     LPN's will teach as supplemental instructors to provide training in their area of

     expertise and within their scope of practice.

3.) Documentation on an employer’s letterhead:

      RN at least 3200 hours of chronic care experience as an RN.

      LPN at least 3200 hours of LTC nursing experience as a nurse.

     (Experience as a nursing assistant does not count).


Please contact Interim STNA Program Manager, Regina Chaney at (216.987.0258) for details about registration requirements and approval for admission to program.

Following approval, register with payment by phone at 216.987.5901, or in-person (check Registration Hours).


Thank you for your interest in this course. Unfortunately, the course you have selected is currently not open for enrollment. Please complete a Course Inquiry so that we may promptly notify you when enrollment opens.