Course Description

Webster defines professionalism as "the skill, good judgment and polite behavior expected from a person who is trained to do a job well." However, what is deemed  professional in one circumstance may not be so in another. Today’s organizations are multicultural, multifaceted and multitasking; the way we dress, the things we say and how we act may change from job to job or from meeting to meeting. Employees must learn to be aware of their environment and accountable for their actions in order to be considered a professional in today’s ever-changing workplace.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Define what it means to be a professional in their field.
  • Explain the importance of maintaining integrity in their actions at work.
  • Develop ways to hold themselves accountable for their success at work.
  • Identify ways to maintain a positive attitude at work.
  • Develop themselves as a professional.
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