Course Description

In this hands-on course, the student will learn to lessen WLAN attacks, explore computer hacking, Cisco SAFE software, basic security configuration, and 802.11 security risks. Also, you'll learn to use a wireless sniffer, capture packets, analyze WLAN traffic, explore authentication and association processes, and perform deployment exercises. You will be introduced to Cisco ACS RADIUS, ACU for LEAP, PEAP, and EAP-FAST.

Course Outline

Utilize Cisco SAFE; Deploy AP Detection using Cisco's Wireless LAN Solution Engine; Wireless standards; Secure WLAN to decrease attacks; Install Wireless Sniffer software; Examine WLAN traffic; Set up WEP keys in AP and ACU/ADU; Configure Cisco ACS for use with Cisco Wireless; Apply Wi-Fi Protected Access Authentication and Encryption Methods; IEE 802.11I Authentication and Encryption Standards for 802.11 Wireless Networks.
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