Course Description

An organization’s ability to effectively drive change depends on its ability to engage its most valuable resource — its people — in the process. This course provides the skills and resources leaders need to accelerate change implementation and create an agile work environment in which people are more open to change. 

Change happens all around us — at home, in our communities and at work. The only constant of change is that it is unavoidable. Anxiety over the unknown, changes in roles and responsibilities and/or processes can result in unhappy, unproductive and stressed-out employees. Embracing change is easier when we know what the changes are, why they are happening, the benefits they will yield and how to overcome barriers to change. 

Learner Outcomes

  • Accelerate the change-making process 
  • Minimize potential negative effects on productivity, morale and collaboration in times of change 
  • Turn resistance into commitment and inspire team members to take ownership of change 
  • Clearly communicate the business rationale and benefits of change for the organization, team and individuals 
  • Describe what can change at work
  • Explain why change happens 
  • Identify obstacles to changes and how to overcome them. 
  • List strategies to embrace change. 
  • Develop a plan to embrace change in the workplace. 


Required course for the Corporate College Leadership Certificate Program. 
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