**The following courses are only for the Department of Public Utilities Employees and Leaders**

Corporate College’s goal is for learners to apply their new skills and knowledge on the job the very next day.

Corporate College assembled the following fundamental learning programs to serve all DPU employees and leaders. We look to provide promising employees with the insight, knowledge, and ability to advance their skills and knowledge for their current role or to become successful leaders whether starting at the frontline, progressing as mid-level leaders, or aspiring to the senior leadership level.

Please review the current offerings listed here to complete your registration for the courses you have selected and your manager authorized.

Should you need any assistance during the registration process, please contact Suzanne Ortiz at Suzanne.Ortiz@tri-c.edu or (216) 987-2857.

  • Step 1: Obtain a Student Number and Password (https://www.tri-c.edu/ncregistration)
  • Step 2: Select the course you are interested in registering for below
  • Step 3: Complete checkout/registration process


ZFIN0597 - Payroll Study Group (DPU)
ZFIN0598 - Payroll Level I: Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) (DPU)
ZFIN0599 - Payroll Level II: Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) (DPU)
ZFIN0791 - Finance for Non-Financial Managers (DPU)
ZLDR0197 - Becoming a Team Player (DPU)
ZLDR0198 - Frontline Leadership: The Leadership Journey (DPU)
ZLDR1370 - Adapting Across Cultures Through Emotional Intelligence (DPU)
ZLDR1371 - Advanced Business Writing (DPU)
ZLDR1372 - Coaching for Accelerated Performance (DPU)
ZLDR1373 - Dealing With Difficult People (DPU)
ZLDR1374 - Delivering Great Customer Service (DPU)
ZLDR1375 - Driving Change (DPU)
ZLDR1376 - Dynamic Presentation Skills (DPU)
ZLDR1379 - Embracing Change at Work (DPU)
ZLDR1380 - Embracing Generational Diversity (DPU)
ZLDR1381 - Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 2.0 (DPU)
ZLDR1386 - Frontline Manager Certificate Program: Boot Camp (DPU)
ZLDR1387 - Handling Conflict at Work (DPU)
ZLDR1388 - Inclusive Leadership (DPU)
ZLDR1389 - Inclusive Leadership Certificate (DPU)
ZLDR1397 - Moving from Peer to Boss (DPU)
ZLDR1398 - Ongoing Performance Management (DPU)
ZLDR1399 - Overcoming Conflict in a Diverse Environment (DPU)
ZLDR1404 - Prioritizing My Time (DPU)
ZLDR1405 - Professional Business Writing (DPU)
ZLDR1406 - Professionalism (DPU)
ZLDR1408 - Speed of Trust Foundations (DPU)
ZLDR1409 - Team Excellence (DPU)
ZLDR1410 - The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership: Create a Shared Vision and Strategy (DPU)
ZLDR1411 - The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership: Execute Your Team's Strategy and Goals (DPU)
ZLDR1412 - The 5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity (DPU)
ZLDR1413 - The Experienced Manager Certificate Program (Cohort) (DPU)
ZLDR1414 - Understanding Unconscious Bais (DPU)
ZLDR1415 - Using Your Strengths (DPU)
ZLDR1416 - Valuing Differences (DPU)
ZLDR1417 - Women in Leadership (DPU)
ZLDR1418 - Advanced Writing (Online) (DPU)
ZLDR1419 - Professional in Human Resource (PHR) Exam Prep (Online) (DPU)
ZLDR1420 - Senior Professional in Human Resource (SPHR) Exam Prep (Online) (DPU)
ZLDR1421 - Associate Professional in Human Resources® (aPHR®) Exam Prep (Online) (DPU)
ZLDR1880 - Effective Communication (DPU)
ZLEN1041 - LeanOhio Boot Camp: Transforming the Public Section (DPU)
ZLSS1151 - Building Process Excellence (DPU)
ZLSS1160 - Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) (DPU)
ZLSS1162 - Experienced Project Manager Certificate (includes PMI-ACP) (DPU)
ZLSS1163 - Experienced Project Manager Certificate (includes CAPM/PMP Exam Prep) (DPU)
ZLSS1164 - Introduction to Project Management (DPU)
ZLSS1165 - Introduction to Smart Cities
ZLSS1166 - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification - Comprehensive (DPU)
ZLSS1167 - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (DPU)
ZLSS1168 - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt to Green Belt (DPU)
ZLSS1169 - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt to Black Belt (DPU)
ZLSS1170 - PMI Agile Certification Prep (PMI-ACP) with Scrum@Scale (DPU)
ZLSS2344 - PMI Certification Exam Prep (CAPM or PMP) (DPU)
ZLSS2345 - Practical Problem Solving (DPU)
ZLSS2346 - Project Manager Entry-Level Certificate (DPU)
ZLSS2347 - Effective Risk and Change Management for Project Managers (DPU)
ZLSS2348 - Introduction to Agile and Scrum (DPU)
ZPDI0496 - Business Writing for Busy Professional (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0497 - Customer Experience (CX) (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0498 - Adobe Acrobat DC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0499 - Adobe Animate CC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0500 - Adobe Dreamweaver CC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0507 - Certified Digital Marketing Professional (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0508 - Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Digital Strategy and Planning (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0509 - Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Search Marketing (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0510 - Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0511 - Data and Web Analytics (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0512 - Google Analytics (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0513 - Microsoft Access 2016 (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI0516 - Microsoft Outlook 2016 (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1518 - Adobe Illustrator CC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1519 - Adobe InDesign CC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1520 - Adobe Photoshop CC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1521 - Adobe Premiere CC (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1522 - Certified Digital Marketing Associate Essentials (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1523 - Microsoft Excel 2016 (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1524 - Microsoft Office 365 Suite 2019 (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1525 - Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (Online) (DPU)
ZPDI1526 - Microsoft Word 2016 (Online) (DPU)