Corporate College offers an array of courses to help today’s professional increase their proficiency in current skills or gain new skills to improve their proficiency and marketability. Choose from a large variety of programs and courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills to move to the next level of your career and give you a competitive edge.

Program Streams

ZHTH1000 - CPC Exam Prep
ZMGT1019 - Microsoft Project
Accounting, Finance, and Tax
BUC Offerings: Finance
BUC Offerings: Frontline Manager
BUC Offerings: Health Care
BUC Offerings: ISO
BUC Offerings: Leadership
BUC Offerings: Lean/Lean Six Sigma
BUC Offerings: OSHA
BUC Offerings: Problem Solving
BUC Offerings: Project Management
BUC Offerings: Quality
Budgeting Certificate: Cohort
Budgeting Certificate: Courses
CCW Offerings: ASQ Refreshers
CCW Offerings: Data Analytics
CCW Offerings: Finance
CCW Offerings: Frontline Manager Certificate Program
CCW Offerings: ISO
CCW Offerings: Leadership
CCW Offerings: Lean Six Sigma
CCW Offerings: LeanOhio
CCW Offerings: Problem Solving
CCW Offerings: Project Management
CCW Offerings: Quality
CCW Offerings: STNA
CCW Offerings: Sales
Celemi Business Simulations
Change Management
Courses Under $325
Customer Service
DPU Employees and Leaders
Digital Learning Design: Online
Digital Learning Design: Virtual Cohort
Diversity and Inclusion: Certificate Courses/Cohorts
Diversity and Inclusion: Courses
Enrolled Agent
Essential Work Skills Certificate
Event Planning
Experience Manager Certificate: Courses
Experience Project Manager Certificate Courses
Experience Project Manager Certificate: Additional Courses
Experienced Manager Certificate: Cohort
Experienced Project Manager Certificate: Cohort
Finance Personalized Coaching
Franklin Covey Offerings - Leadership
Frontline Manager Certificate: Boot Camp
Frontline Manager Certificate: Courses
GCRTA Unconscious Bias
Hospitality Industry
Human Resources
ISO Standards
ISO: AIAG and FMEA Training
ISO: Available Upon Request
Inclusive Champion Certificate: Cohort
Inclusive Champion Certificate: Courses
Inclusive Leadership Certificate: Cohort
Inclusive Leadership Certificate: Courses
John Maxwell
Leadership Development/Managerial
Leadership Personalized Coaching
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma for Education
Lean Six Sigma in Health Care
Mastering the Essentials of Selling
Mindful Leadership Certificate
NEORSD Employees and Leaders
OMJ: Project Management Certificates
OMJ: Quality Certificates
Ohio Mortgage Loan Officer: Continuing Education
Ohio Mortgage Loan Officer: Education and Exam Prep
One Month Extension for Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education and Exam
PayTrain/Payroll Certificate
Payroll Study Group
Problem Solving
Process Improvement
Project Management - Corporate College Certificate Programs
Project Management - Overview Courses
Project Management - PMI Certification Exam Prep
Project Management - Planning Tools
Project Manager Entry Level Certificate Courses
Project Manager Entry Level Certificate: Additional Courses
Project Manager Entry-Level Certificate: Boot Camp
Quality Experienced Leadership Certificate Courses/Cohorts
Quality Experienced Leadership Certificate: Additional Courses
Quality Experienced Leadership Certificate: Courses
Quality Supervisor Entry Level Certificate Courses/Cohorts
Quality Supervisor Entry Level Certificate: Additional Courses
Quality Supervisor Entry Level Certificate: Courses
Quality and Continuous Improvement Certificate Programs
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education & Exam Prep
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education & Exam Prep with Mentor Support
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Exam Prep Edge
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Mentor Support
Real Estate Textbook
Real Estate Workshop Series
Small Businesses: Finance
Small Businesses: Marketing
Small Businesses: Professional Skills
Small Businesses: Project Management
Small Businesses: Sales
Small Businesses: Workflow Efficiency
Supply Chain Management
Virtual Leadership Certificate Program
Virtual Worker and Team Member Certificate Program

Course Bundles

Budgeting Certificate (Cohort) (1.6 CEUs)
Certified Scrum Master (CSM) (1.6 CEUs)
Enrolled Agent Certification Program (15.6 CEUs)
Entry-Level Project Manager Certificate (6 CEUs)
Entry-Level Project Manager Certificate: Boot Camp (6 CEU)
Experienced Manager Certificate Program (2.8 CEUs)
Experienced Manager Certificate Program: Boot Camp (2.8 CEUs)
Experienced Project Manager Certificate (6.4 CEUs)
Experienced Project Manager Certificate: Boot Camp (6.4 CEUs)
Frontline Manager Certificate Program (3.8 CEUs)
Frontline Manager Certificate Program: Boot Camp (3.8 CEUs)
Inclusive Champion Certificate (1 CEU)
Inclusive Champion Certificate Program (1.4 CEUs)
Inclusive Champion Certificate Program: Boot Camp (1.4 CEUs)
Inclusive Champion Certificate: Cohort (1 CEU)
Inclusive Leadership Certificate (2 CEUs)
Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program (2.4 CEUs)
Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program: Boot Camp (2.4 CEUs)
Inclusive Leadership Certificate: Cohort (2 CEUs)
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (8 CEUs)
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (3.8 CEUs)
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification (6.8 CEUs)
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Education (3.8 CEUs)
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Health Care (3.8 CEUs)
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt for Education (2.6 CEUs)
Mindful Leadership Certificate (1.8 CEUs)
Mindful Leadership Certificate: Cohort (1.8 CEUs)
PMI Agile Certification Prep (PMI-ACP) with Scrum@Scale (2.4 CEUs)
PMI Exam Prep: Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) (3.2 CEUs)
PMI Exam Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP) (4 CEUs)
Payroll Level I: Fundamentals of Payroll Certification (FPC) (3 CEUs)
Payroll Level II: Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) (3.6 CEUs)
Plexus ISO 9001:2015 Understanding and Internal Auditing (2.4 CEUs)
Plexus Understanding and Internal Auditing for ISO 14001:2015 (2.4 CEUs)
Plexus: ISO 45001:2018 Internal Auditor Training for Occupational Health and Safety (2.4 CEUs)
The Experienced Manager Certificate Program (5.2 CEUs)
The Experienced Manager Certificate Program: Cohort (5.2 CEUs)