Corporate College offers an array of courses to help today’s professional increase their proficiency in current skills or gain new skills to improve their proficiency and marketability. Choose from a large variety of programs and courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills to move to the next level of your career and give you a competitive edge.

Program Streams

ZFIN0877 - Enrolled Agent Intensive Exam Prep: Part II - Businesses
ZHTH1000 - CPC Exam Prep
ZLDR8945 - Accelerated Leadership Certificate
ZLDR8946 - Effective Communication
ZLDR8947 - Strengths-Based Leadership
ZLDR8948 - Decision-Making & Bias
ZLDR8949 - Coaching & Performance Enablement
ZLDR8950 - Time Management & Prioritization
ZLDR8951 - Conflict Resolution
ZLDR8952 - Adaptability & Change Enablement
ZLDR8953 - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
ZMGT1019 - Microsoft Project
ZPDI0537 - Ohio Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education: 20-Hour Finance (Online)
ZPDI0539 - 20-Hour OH Real Estate Appraisal Course (Online)
2024 Real Estate Workshop Series
2025 Real Estate Workshop Series
Accounting, Finance, and Tax
BUC Offerings: Finance
BUC Offerings: Frontline Manager
BUC Offerings: Health Care
BUC Offerings: ISO
BUC Offerings: Leadership
BUC Offerings: Lean/Lean Six Sigma
BUC Offerings: OSHA
BUC Offerings: Problem Solving
BUC Offerings: Project Management
BUC Offerings: Quality
Budgeting Certificate: Cohort
Budgeting Certificate: Courses
CCW Offerings: ASQ Refreshers
CCW Offerings: Data Analytics
CCW Offerings: Finance
CCW Offerings: Frontline Manager Certificate Program
CCW Offerings: ISO
CCW Offerings: Leadership
CCW Offerings: Lean Six Sigma
CCW Offerings: LeanOhio
CCW Offerings: Problem Solving
CCW Offerings: Project Management
CCW Offerings: Quality
CCW Offerings: STNA
CCW Offerings: Sales
Celemi Business Simulations
Change Management
Coming Soon! Real Estate Workshop Series
Courses Under $325
Customer Service
DPU Employees and Leaders
Digital Learning Design: Online
Digital Learning Design: Virtual Cohort
Diversity and Inclusion: Certificate Courses/Cohorts
Diversity and Inclusion: Courses
Educational Workshop Series
Enrolled Agent
Event Planning
Experience Manager Certificate: Courses
Experience Project Manager Certificate Courses
Experience Project Manager Certificate: Additional Courses
Experienced Manager Certificate: Cohort
Experienced Project Manager Certificate: Cohort
Finance Personalized Coaching
Franklin Covey Offerings - Leadership
Frontline Manager Certificate: Boot Camp
Frontline Manager Certificate: Courses
GCRTA Unconscious Bias
Hospitality Industry
Human Resources
ISO Standards
ISO: AIAG and FMEA Training
ISO: Available Upon Request
Inclusive Champion Certificate: Cohort
Inclusive Champion Certificate: Courses
Inclusive Leadership Certificate: Cohort
Inclusive Leadership Certificate: Courses
John Maxwell
Leadership Development/Managerial
Leadership Personalized Coaching
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma for Education
Lean Six Sigma in Health Care
Lean Six Sigma: Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma: Full Green Belt
Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt
Lean Six Sigma: Yellow Belt to Green Belt
Mastering the Essentials of Selling
Mindful Leadership Certificate
NEORSD Employees and Leaders
OMJ: Project Management Certificates
OMJ: Quality Certificates
Ohio Mortgage Loan Officer: Continuing Education
Ohio Mortgage Loan Officer: Education and Exam Prep
Ohio Mortgage Loan Officer: Education and Exam Prep with Coach
One Month Extension for Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education and Exam
Payroll/PAYO - Education Edition
Payroll/PAYO Certificates
Problem Solving
Process Improvement
Project Management - Corporate College Certificate Programs
Project Management - Overview Courses
Project Management - PMI Certification Exam Prep
Project Management - Planning Tools
Project Manager Entry Level Certificate Courses
Project Manager Entry Level Certificate: Additional Courses
Project Manager Entry-Level Certificate: Boot Camp
Quality Experienced Leadership Certificate Courses/Cohorts
Quality Experienced Leadership Certificate: Additional Courses
Quality Experienced Leadership Certificate: Courses
Quality Supervisor Entry Level Certificate Courses/Cohorts
Quality Supervisor Entry Level Certificate: Additional Courses
Quality Supervisor Entry Level Certificate: Courses
Quality and Continuous Improvement Certificate Programs
Real Estate Individual Courses
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education & Exam Prep
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Education & Exam Prep with Coach
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Exam Prep Edge
Real Estate Pre-Licensure Mentor Support
Real Estate Textbook
Small Businesses: Finance
Small Businesses: Marketing
Small Businesses: Professional Skills
Small Businesses: Project Management
Small Businesses: Sales
Small Businesses: Workflow Efficiency
Supply Chain Management
Virtual Leadership Certificate Program
Virtual Worker and Team Member Certificate Program